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Offering a wide range of PTFE Rods, Tubes & Sheets.

Sanghvi Techno Products: Manufacturer & exporter of PTFE Rods, Tubes & Sheets.

A major revolution in the world of material science, began in the period of 1930's, when a scientist from Du Pont De Nemours U.S.A- Mr. Roy J Pluncket invented a material called Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). The continual research resulted in invention and addition of more material in the Fluoropolymer family.

PTFE is naturally inherited with a number of properties, for instance, non-stick, corrosion resistant, very low coefficient of friction, thermal stability, low water absorption, UV rage resistant, -200 degrees Celsius to +260 degrees Celsius temperature withstanding capacity, chemically inert tendency, dielectric properties, non adhesive & non aging properties. This material can be moulded into number of forms, from PTFE molded rods, molded bushes, molded sheets, skived sheets, extruded PTFE rods, tubes, sheets to plates and PTFE sleeves.

These PTFE lined products can be utilized in a number of industries, like aeronautical, bio-medical, chemical, defense, environmental, electrical, electronic, mechanical, petrochemical & space engineering applications.

PTFE Filled Grades

Selected fillers can be added to improve the material properties and extend the performance characteristics, without affecting the frictional, thermal and other properties of PTFE rods and other products. This material are useful in many situations that demand thermal stability and load support.  

The Sanghvi group of companies is famed worldwide for maintaining consistency in quality. It is a multifaceted, multi product industrial hexagon that comprises:
  • Sanghvi Techno Products produces Polytetra Fluoro Ethylene extruded rods & tubes, compress moulded rods, sheets, bushes, skived sheets & machined components according to the drawings and specifications provided by customers
  • Sanghvi Products produces PTFE thread sealant tapes and exports under UL listing. The company offers a complete line of non-asbestos braided/compression packing developed from material, such as PTFE, aramid fibers, graphite, carbon and other high tensile fiber
  • Flu Tef Industries produced quality-assured specialty PTFE insulated equipment wires, RF co-axial cables, multicore cables, data bus cables and PTFE sleeves
  • Sanghvi Aerospace Pvt. Ltd., an ISO 9001: 2000 certified company, produces aerospace wires and cables in polymide (Kapton), PTFE & Polymide composite and specialty insulation. The clients of the company hail from aircraft, helicopter, satellite, launch vehicles and defense electronics sectors. It got an award for excellence in aerospace indigenization
  • SPC Products produces nickel / silver / tin electro - plated copper / copper alloy / copper - coated steel wire conductors in different forms, from single, strand to braid
  • Mahavir Corporation produces PTFE coated fibreglass for conveyor belts, cloths, adhesive tapes, thread, silicon coated fibre glass cloths and polymide / fibre glass tape
These companies are inter-linked in every way, enabling the Sanghvi group to function as an industrial power house. A quality culture is followed in all companies within the group.

All the companies within this group features an impressive products mix for different industries, from mid-tech industries to high-tech industries.

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